125 Adam Lewis Walker: How to Get a TED Talk

Adam Lewis is leadership speaker, author, and host of Awaken Your Alpha podcast, who helps people get their first TEDx talk. We talk about the necessary steps to become a TEDx speaker.
What You Will Learn in This Episode:
How Adam helps people to get a TEDx talk
The hacks to connect with speaking events organizers
What TEDx means for building credibility
The crucial steps to follow in order to get a TEDx talk
How to progress through different levels of TEDx events
What made Adam decide to do his second TEDx talk
How to deal with the pressure and expectations to get another talk
How to prioritise between visibility focuses like publishing a book, podcasting and public speaking

If you have a big red TEDx sign on your vision board, make it happen because no one is going to do it for you. Choose what you want to stand out for, and the tools and mechanisms you’re going to use to get visible. 
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