105 Steve Olsher: Topic of Influence

In today’s episode, we are diving into a new series on the business of podcasting, and how to get the most out of your show. My guest today is Steve Olsher, the founder and editor-in-chief of Podcast Magazine. We talk about how to become the person known for your topic of influence.
What You Will Learn In This Episode:
The history of the Podcast Magazine
How Steve benefitted from taking action and going for it
What is the concept of “the table you want sitting at,” or how do you see your name in the industry
Steve’s show Reinvention Radio and the way it focuses on the industry
The importance of the voice and message transmitted through podcast
Steve’s Top 3 tips: achieve the clarity of topic of influence described in 2–3 words, develop the uniqueness of your topic of influence, and understand the profit path when you launch your business 

So, If you are already podcasting, I hope you’ve gained new knowledge on why and how to make your show stand out. If you are not podcasting yet, you’ve got some ideas on how to develop your podcasting strategy. In any case, subscribe to the Podcast Magazine and go deeper into the lives of today’s leading podcasters.
The Podcast Magazine: https://podcastmagazine.com/
Reinvention Radio: https://reinventionradio.com/
Steve Olsher’s: https://steveolsher.com/   
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