10 Reasons why Podcast Guesting is an essential Marketing Strategy

It’s probably no surprise to hear from me that I believe podcasts to be THE best way to build an audience, given that I am known online as The Podcast Queen.

It isn’t limited to hosting your own show though, you can leverage this unique platform through strategic podcast appearances.

In order to succeed in the expert/online space, we as marketers and business owners must build our own audiences, strive for niche authority and become influencers. In short, we need to GET VISIBLE and quickly. The benefits of podcast guesting are really only felt when this because a targeted, intentional approach, rather than an occasional foray. Since I’ve been hosting Entrepreneurs Get Visible, my own top global show, I’ve appeared on over 100 podcasts, and this has accelerated my business growth.

Here are the 10 reasons you want to get booked on podcasts:

  1. Developing REAL in-person (well, almost) connections with others in your industry. You’d be surprised at how often a feeling of friendship can be sparked between a guest and a host when they are focused on having a great conversation. This opens the doors for future collaborations, joint ventures and connection. In many instances, other personal introductions will follow. This relationship opportunity is often referred to as the hidden ROI in podcasting.

2. Access to a highly engaged audience. In one 20 to 40-minute interview, with little preparation, you can access hundreds to thousands of highly targeted listeners who already know, like, trust and probably LOVE the host. You get kudos by association.

3. Cross-promotion opportunities. When a podcast goes lives, there’s a chance for a mini-launch that results in a highly shareable pieces of content. Podcast hosts are delighted to have interesting guests who share value, and guests are excited to be interviewed. The nature of the way podcasts are produced and distributed (audio, web page and often video) makes them much more shareable than typical blog posts – resulting in more likes, shares, tweets, backlinks and traffic. The host will be sharing to their socials, list and website- and so will you. Win-win situtation.

4. It is WAY easier than guest blogging. This is a strategy that works to build SEO but can take considerable time, effort and energy. The benefit of podcast guesting is that you and all of your valuable links get published on the host’s shownotes page (which is pretty much a blogpost).

5. High quality production value. Many established podcasts, invest considerable time, effort, focus and money into the production side of their podcast, including professional sound, editing, creating social media graphics, and compiling a show notes page that has been search-engine optimised, and includes guest bio information, key takeaways, and resource and contact links.

6. You can new ‘trust’ badges. When you you are interviewed on more podcasts, there is a knock-on snowballing effect. You will be able to use high profile shows to get requests to go on smaller shows with a niche, highly primed audience, and vice versa. The bigger shows give you leverage to share bragging rights…’AS FEATURED ON…” is a powerful way to position your expertise.

7. Listeners are drawn in to you, your voice, your story. We talk a lot in marketing about making things ‘resonate’ with your audience. In the case of podcasting, the audio-only voice content draws people to FEEL the impact of your emotional journey. You can develop a much deeper sense of connection than any other content.

8. Lead Generation and yep, new clients! When you understand how the podcast space works, you’ll realise direct selling is a no-no. Bringing people into your funnel by enticing them with the value you give, combined with WHY you do it, will see more people sign up for your freebie and enter your funnel. I’ve also noticed that I can often remove the need for Sales/Discovery Calls, because a potential client already feels as they know me.

9. Increased Reach. Through podcast guesting, with regular appearances, you are able to get in front of many other audiences, and massively increase the people who hear about you and your work. Last year I estimate that I reached a combined audience of 4 million, when at the time I had less than 10k followers.

10. Longlife Content. We spend so much time writing or creating one social media post that pretty much dissapears into the ether within a 24 hour window. With podcast interviews though, you are creating content with a long shelf-life. It is believed each podcast episode will have worth to you for a period of 7 years.

Next steps to get booked on podcasts

I’ve experienced accelerated benefits around podcast guesting, and so too have many of my peers. I have been bombarded for months with requests to create a podcast booking service to complement our production and launch service inside The Podcast Agency. And so, our new premium level Podcast Booking Boutique was born!

We work with high calibre entrepreneurs, coaches and experts to place them on podcasts that elevate their status, increase their reach and get them in the ears of their ideal client. We help build reputation and make introductions to other high value individuals, so they can go forth, create great content and potentially develop strong working relationships.

We wanted to create something that is way beyond the standard cold pitch service that so many podcast hosts are bombarded with. We heavily vet our clients, research and build relationships with the right podcasts and introduce you in a way that gets results. We open doors to the incredible benefits of podcast guesting.

If you would like more details, visit the Podcast Booking Boutique and APPLY NOW. We’ll be in touch if we think you are a good match for our exclusive roster.