083 Maxwell Muir: How To Keep Your Skill Sharp as a Speaker

My guest today is Maxwell Muir, the Founder of Performance Ready Speakers. He works with professionals to train and build confident public speakers. We talk about what you can do to build your business as a speaker in this in-between time.
What You Will Learn In This Episode:
How to practice speaking every single day whether you are on a stage or not
Why you need to find a topic you are absolutely passionate about
Covering your topic form all possible angles
What it means to be performance ready
The power of rehearsals and improvising
How to use pauses in your speech
What you can do right now to craft a new speech
How speaking virtually and going on podcast can help you build your business in lockdown
What public speakers’ organisations can bring you
How to build visibility as a speaker

This is a great time for practicing your craft, finding new stories and network with other speakers. So while we are waiting for live events to come back, there are plenty of ways to keep your skill sharp as a speaker. 
Maxwell Muir, https://www.linkedin.com/in/maxwell-muir-speaker/
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