075 Natalie Trice: Choosing How and When to Show Up

My guest in this episode is Natalie Trice, a PR expert and bestselling author, who helps female business owners position themselves as experts in the press. Today we talk about how and when to show up.
What We Cover In This Episode: 
Looking at PR as a permission to speak
Overcoming mental blocks about how to show up at times like these
How to pivot in a decent way
Authenticity and connection as keys to showing up
The best and the worst-case scenarios for your visibility right now
What are the potential long-term benefits of having to step back in isolation

It’s still possible to be visible and do your part if you are genuinely connecting with people. So whenever you feel ready, get out in the online space, be honest and give yourself permission to speak. 
Natalie Trice’s Website: http://natalietrice.co.uk/
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