069 Gemma Went: Why You Must Take Action

Today we’re talking about taking action and why it’s important for bringing consistent recurring revenue to your business. My guest is Gemma Went, an award winning business mentor and growth strategist, who has developed her own frameworks to help small businesses grow and scale. 
What You Will Learn In This Episode:
What is The M.S.A Approach
How operating from a wrong mindset prevents people from taking action
How pivoting and changing are the signs of confidence, not a lack of strategy
What is the exact difference between recurring revenue and passive income
How to model a business to provide recurring revenue and a sense of abundance
Gemma’s top 3 tips for taking action and building consistent recurring revenue
The power of anchoring technique to take action and build new habits

So use the principles of mindset, strategy and action to build good systems, grow your business, and enjoy the benefits of consistent recurring revenue.   
Links and Resources:
Gemma Went’s Website: https://gemmawent.co.uk/ 
The Simply Smart Business Show: https://gemmawent.co.uk/small-business-marketing-podcast 
Get Visible Live Event – https://annaparkernaples.co.uk/get-visible-live-event/