060 5 Reasons Why You Should Start a Podcast

Anyone who is anyone in the online business space right now is moving towards launching a podcast. It is fast becoming the best way to educate, inspire and connect with potential and current clients as listeners go about their daily lives. For those of you still on the fence as to whether it’s worth investing your time and energy, here are our 5 reasons why you should start a podcast.

5 Reasons Why You Should Start a Podcast

  1. Create strong communities

Done effectively, podcasts can build email lists, audience followings and create strong communities. A podcast can be a real asset in your efforts to bring in loyal clients and elevate your status within your industry. Listeners tend to be loyal to the shows they love. They return again and again to the podcasts that inspire, educate and entertain them most. If done well, a podcast can make a difference in the quality and quantity of potential clients who join your mailing list, your community, who want to work with you, become your clients, buy your services and buy your products.

2. Get your message heard by the right ears

Podcasting increases your business visibility. It isn’t just plugging in a microphone and putting out any old voice recording. Rather, it is an important mechanism for leaders – aspiring, emerging and established – to get their message heard by the right ears. This is how we can reach people who need us to lift, inspire, motivate, transform, entertain and educate them. This is how we create our ripple effect.

3. Put your stamp all over your niche

Hosting a podcast is the best way to make a solid impact as a key figure within your industry. Podcasting allows you to put your stamp all over your niche, to be known for what you do, to get your business out there visibly and position you as a credible expert in your field of influence. It has the potential to open doors in a way no other platform can. Your own show gives you the commitment to be consistent with your message and your marketing simply by having pertinent conversations.

4. Build relationships

As a host you will be approached to appear on other podcasts as a guest. You have the ability to reach audiences of millions which can’t be accessed in any other way. Podcasting allows us to build relationships by making deep, lasting connections and collaborations with people. Having guests on your show will open up your own networks to influential people in a way no other medium can.

5. Increased search-ability

Podcast directories such as Spotify and iTunes are akin to powerful search engines. For every single guest that appears on your show, your name and the shows that you have been connected with as a guest, and the shows that your guests have been connected with, are then linked. Choose your guests strategically and you and your brand will be positioned alongside them. Be intentional about who you invite on as a guest and enjoy an increased organic audience as a result, especially when your show is promoted within iTunes, Spotify and Google as a recommendation for listeners.

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