056 Common Objections to Podcasting

I hear some common objections from people considering starting a podcast. Let’s address those excuses now. In doing so, I hope that when you encounter overwhelm around creating your show you will push on through and get your show launched rather than allow it to be another idea that didn’t quite happen. Many people need to hear your message!

‘I’m too busy’

A lot of potential podcasters tell me they’re too busy for a podcast. They believe the myth that running a show would be time-consuming. In truth, a podcast is a way to make best use of your time. Consider this, for example: by creating a Facebook Live video with high quality audio for your community, you have something you can turn into a podcast episode. You can use a transcription service to create show notes that could be revised into a separate blogpost. From there, you could upload the content into a YouTube video and post the video on LinkedIn, Instagram or IGTV. Suddenly, one piece of content has the potential to reach tens of thousands and all you’ve done is flicked on that micro‐ phone and recorded yourself speaking. And you can make sure your podcast works for you. Content is integrated into my everyday life. I’ve recorded episodes whilst on stage giving a talk and have repurposed that speech into my podcast.

In many ways, podcasting is about creating more time for yourself. If you want to be seen as an expert in your field, you’ll be creating content anyway, such as videos, blogposts and articles. Podcasting speeds up and intensifies the whole process.

‘I’m a technophobe’

Some people tell me they’re worried that podcasts are too technical and they have no interest in that. Audio does not have to be complicated. There’s a lot of jargon out there and a lot of fear about the kind of technical ability, skill and equipment required. In truth, much of the process can be really simple – and cost-effective – if you start with the right equipment. Check out my previous blog for more information.

‘I haven’t got enough to say’

Are you worried that you don’t have enough to say? That you’ll create maybe six episodes and then wonder what on earth to follow them with? Well – if you know who your ideal client is, you also know what that listener needs to hear. You’re aware of the problems they have, their pain points, the things they want in their life.

By bringing in guests (if that’s how you decide to run your show) it’s not just what you have to say that matters. When you source guests with something valuable to share with your listeners, the onus is not all on you. All you need to know is what value you want to bring to your listeners – by ensuring your content answers and solves their problems, you’ll never run out of material.

‘There are too many people podcasting’

This market is just getting going. That doesn’t mean all you have to do is create a show and hope for the best. But it does mean that by creating good content you will ride this wave before everybody else jumps on board. You will still be an early adopter. Wait too long, and it’ll be harder to make a splash. No one in business thinks it is a waste of time to start a blog, and yet there are over 610 million blogs online. No one thinks it is a waste of time to get on YouTube. Seriously, in comparison, hardly anyone is playing in this field. Yet.

‘I don’t have the right voice’

You don’t have to be perfect. It might reassure you to know that one of the reasons for podcasting’s popularity is that we feel we get to know a podcast host. We like to hear the patterns of their voice. We like to hear when they stumble, when they stop and think. It makes us feel like we’ve got to know somebody better. Podcasting is not about perfection. It’s about sharing your knowledge, your experience and the value you want to give to somebody else. It is first and foremost about communication. Remind yourself that you have an important message to share, that it’s time to put your fears and worries about being judged aside and get on with creating your podcast. Your work is more important than your fear. Every voice is the right voice for podcasting. All you need to do is show up and be human.

‘I don’t have a big following’

Many aspiring podcasters think they don’t have a big enough audience for a podcast to be worth their while yet. If you create your podcast strategically, do relevant research and have an effective launch plan, podcasting is one of the best ways to build your following. You will hit a much wider audience than by relying solely on Facebook or LinkedIn posts, live videos and using sales pages to build your email list. YouTube viewers are a different audience from podcast listeners. There is some crossover, but on the whole people are consuming podcasts because audio is their preferred method of obtaining material. Remember – you grow your following by being intentional about guesting on other people’s podcasts and who you have as guests.

If you are in any doubt about when (or whether!) it is the right time to start your podcast, I hope you can see that now is the perfect time. It’s exciting to give you insights into how to make your podcast not just any old podcast, but a podcast that launches powerfully and continues to have impact. There is a right – and a wrong – way to start and launch a podcast. Follow my advice and you’ll have a chance of becoming an international, top-ranking podcaster like my clients with shows that have put them on the map, reaching listeners across the globe and helping them build their brands. Let’s make sure you do learn to podcast properly.

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