055 Gavin Preston: Change Your Mindset To Scale Your Business

Gavin Preston is a strategist and investor focusing on business growth, and the host of Business Mastermind Podcast. Today we talk about the mindset you need in order to scale up your business. 
What You Will Learn in This Episode:
How plateauing in business is related to the limits of your thinking
How to use your breakdowns as breakthrough
Most common fears and blocks around business growth
Giving permissions for small steps towards expanding your mindset, personality and business
How CEO’s sabotage themselves by not taking time to see the big picture and build connections
Being ready to demonstrate your ability on every level

Gavin’s new book “Survive and Thrive” is just about to be published, so check back here in a few days for the link! 
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Gavin Preston’s website https://www.gavinpreston.com/
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