054 Five Platforms to Promote Your Podcast for Free

Podcasting is the perfect way for you to standout from the crowd. It can assist in developing your connections, community and provide you with options for and an increase in sales and bookings. Becoming visible consciously and deliberately was the cornerstone to transforming my own sense of fulfilment and professional achievements. However, to achieve this visibility you need to ensure that you are promoting your podcast the right way to attract listeners. In an effort to help your podcast reach a wider audience, there are several sites that provide the opportunity for podcast hosts to apply to be featured on their website banners. I have hand picked 5 of the best for you to explore:

5 platforms to feature your podcast:

1. Castbox

Castbox provide podcast hosts with the chance to be featured on their banner or Editors’ Picks on the homepage. There are some prerequisites for first-time applicants. Your podcast must be able to be found on Castbox and you must claim ownership. You must mention Castbox on your social media and add a Castbox badge and embedded player to your official website. For more information click here.

2. Apple Podcasts

If you’re launching a unique podcast or releasing an interesting new season, channel, episode, Apple Podcasts want to know about it. Editors routinely feature compelling shows to help listeners find new favourites. In addition to the standard artwork uploaded in Apple Podcasts Connect, you can submit artwork for your shows, channels, and subscriptions that will be used if selected to be featured on Apple Podcasts. Promotion is solely at the discretion of Apple, but including a compelling description of your show and episodes, and accurate metadata will give your show a better chance of being featured.

3. Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts is one of the world’s most powerful podcast platform. The Featured section of Pocket Casts is human-curated. To ensure that all podcasts have an equal opportunity at being featured, selections are made on the basis of merit. They are mostly looking to feature new and emerging podcasts or podcasts beginning a new season, but no podcast is out of the question.

4. Stitcher

The SXM / Pandora / Stitcher podcast marketing team prioritise content promotion based on initiative, topic, and show launches. They are always looking to better amplify diverse creators, so be sure to share anything in that regards about your show. Write a fantastic, engaging and memorable pitch!

5. Podcast Guru

Podcast Guru is one of the top-rated podcast players on Android, offering a powerful and easy-to-use listening experience. It’s a mobile app, the no-banner-ad podcast player for Android and podcast player for iOS. They regularly feature podcasts in their app and on their website so once again, make sure you submit an engaging pitch for your podcast.

What’s amazing about all these sites is their FREE! You just need to put in the time and effort to sell your podcast well to be in with a chance of being featured.

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