053 Where to Find Guests For Your Podcast

Having guests on your podcast can bring with it lots of benefits. It’s great for authority and for selling opportunities to your guests. It can be really effective for widening your reach depending on who the guest is and whether they share it. What I would say is before you do start having guests on your show, make sure that you have established your own voice and expertise on the podcast. Finding the right guest is hard, so I want to share with you some great sites to help you search for guests for your show.

6 Ways to Find Guests For Your Podcast:

1. PodMatch

PodMatch is a podcast booking service that automatically matches ideal podcast guests and hosts together to record high-quality podcast interviews. All you have to do is create a public host profile or guest one-sheet. Within minutes of joining, the PodMatch matching core algorithm will calculate ideal matches specifically for you, while factoring in all the details from availability, compatibility and even administrative details. Starting from $6 a month, you will automatically be sent new matches daily. PodMatch will then initiate new message threads with your matches.

2. Matchmaker

Matchmaker is another great platform for connecting with potential guests. Simply create a profile, tell the community about you or your show and discover your next podcast collaboration. Their Lite plan is completely free and has all you need to create a profile, get found, and approach potential partners. It is a great site for providing opportunities for those either starting out or on a limited budget.

3. The Podcast Community

Come over and join my free Facebook Group Influential Audio – The Podcast Community for Entrepreneurs. With over 2.1k members, you are free at any time to use the page to look for guests. Be really clear on who you’re looking for and why guesting on your show will bring great value to them.

4. Amazon

Go to Amazon and browse people within your industry that have released books. Which stand out to you and are in line with your podcast? Take note of these books, authors and try reach out! We can be so negative with our mindset and ‘assume’ something can’t be achievable. Give it a go, you might be surprised with the outcome!

5. Listen Notes

Listen Notes is another great resource where you can research people (guests and hosts) that you might want to have on your show, and also see the kind of topics that they’re talking about. You can even curate your own podcast playlists. Oh, and it’s Free!

6. Your own communities/ social media

Lastly, don’t overlook your own communities and social media connections. That’s often the best way to start building some of the casting opportunities. Using mediums such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter make it easy to connect with potential guests.

Hopefully this blog has helped show you why having guests on your podcast can be beneficial for you, the guest but importantly the listener!

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