052 The Hidden Return on Investment in Podcasting

In the podcasting space, you have an opportunity to meet different people who you might be interested in working with. In this blog, I will be talking about the benefits of investing into relationships with other podcasters. I’ll be sharing some amazing tips on how to develop those valuable relationships while keeping in mind your listeners’ interests.

First off, you have to think about who you want to bring into your world and for what purpose. Important questions to ask yourself; do you share a similar audience? Do you share a similar sense of value and mission behind your work? It’s very easy for early stage entrepreneurs and podcasters to get really excited to have a guest booked in but how much have they vetted those people?

You’ve got to make sure that you have thought these things through and are aware of who may have an offer that would complement yours. The show needs to be with the listener in mind, so can the guest you are bringing in provide value where your own listeners are going to walk away with that knowledge.

Top Tips To Returning Investment In Podcasting

  • Set the scene

Be clear when contacting a potential guest what your intention is. Explain to them why you want them on the show, what they can bring to your audience, what you can bring to their audience and how they increase their visibility.

  • Wrap up the interview productively

Towards the end of your conversation, ask thoughtful questions such as; who can I send your way?, what kind of person do you want to support? what does your ideal client look like?’ There’s a real opportunity once you’ve had a conversation with somebody to send people to them. The more people that you refer to others, the more referrals come your way.

  • Reach out to your guest afterwards to thank them

Sounds simple, but so effective whilst you are still fresh in their memory. Friendships can be made during these conversations which can lead to collaborations, joint ventures, affiliates for each other and recommendations.

  • Ensure high production quality

You want your production to be of top quality so that when you’re promoting them they feel really special. Podcast listeners prefer shows with professional and clear audio. 

  • If you are the guest, be intentional about which shows you appear on

If your not already, start being more intentional. Podcasting is a great way to get your voice out there. When you share insightful information, you can gradually build your authority in your niche.

When you collaborate with other podcast hosts, think of what you can collectively offer to your audience and how it brings additional value to your listeners. This would help you to keep the quality of your show in check, and also put in the efforts to promote your show on other podcasts.

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