051 Lisa Johnson: Passive Income Growth

My guest today is the Passive Income Queen Lisa Johnson, a freedom and success coach who helps entrepreneurs create successful businesses. In this conversation we talk about what happens when you grow, become more visible, and bring passive income into your business. 
What You Will Learn In This Episode:
Why having more clients, working more and earning more is not necessarily the definition of success
2 major decisions you need to make: to make your business successful and to invest in your learning
Managing clients’ expectations & overdelivering Vs.  overpromising & underdelivering
How to deal with the dark sides of getting more visible online
The steps to establishing passive or semi-passive income streams for your business
Deciding who your audience is
How and where you will grow and nurture your audience
The importance of learning how to launch well
The CASsH System – Clients, Audience, System, Selling, Happiness

So to gain more freedom and increase your income as you raise your profile, start implementing the steps to creating passive income streams for your business. It will transform your life and the way you think about business success.
Links and Resources:
Lisa Johnson’s website: https://lisajohnsoncoaching.co.uk/ 
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