048 The Power of Visualisation

Today I’m talking about the power of visualisation for your business and your life on the whole. I’ll walk you through what I mean by visualisation, and why this is a powerful process that you need to consider integrating into your everyday life. 
What You Will Learn In This Episode:
What is visualisation
How visualisation works in your brain
The difference between visualisation and wishful thinking
How visualisation translates into real life perceptions and actions
Guided visualisations for self-confidence and success

If you’ve never used visualisation, I strongly recommend that you start tapping into yourself and what you really want, and then creating the image, the feeling, the sensation in your body and in your brain about that vision, making it part of your daily process.
Links and Resources:
Get Visible: How To Have More Impact, Influence and Income by Anna Parker-Naples, http://bit.ly/GetVisiblePaperback  and http://bit.ly/GetVisibleeBook
Guided visualisation for increasing confidence -https://annaparkernaples.co.uk/confidence-audio/