048 5 Ways a Podcast Can Help Your Business

For many years now, podcasting has been recognised as an effective skill for networking with people, drawing them into your community and convincing them to patronise your business. When you channel its power as an entrepreneur, you gain an advantage over the competitors in your niche. In this blog, I will be discussing the effectiveness of podcasting in your business and the different ways you can maximise profit using podcasts while topping the charts.

So how does a podcast help my business?

  1. Bring people into your network

Podcasting is fast becoming the most influential platform out there to bring people into your network and communities, to get to know you and to earn that trust factor (to a point where a portion of them are going to want to buy from you.) A podcast allows you to have so much more reach than other social channels such as Facebook Live. When we launch a podcast, it enters into a vast amount of podcast directories (Apple, Spotify, Google Amazon, Overcast Stitcher, hundreds of others). Through powerful and specific SEO show notes, you can reach out to new audiences. Check out my previous blog here for more detail on why show notes are so important.

2. Increase your brand kudos

We find with podcasts that we launch for many of our clients at Influential Audio is that when our clients commit energy to the launch window, they catapult themselves into the charts. Yes, they might not become number one in the UK Business Charts, for example, but they will hit a subcategory. The ripple effect of that is they have much more credibility amongst their own audience as well as a new audience. People then become more aware of their brand. By having your own podcast, you become an audio influencer!

3. Generate more income

Podcasting is an easy way for people to access your content. When they buy into you as a host, your personal and brand mission, then they will invest money. The time and effort to get someone to buy into wanting to work with you, it’s been taken away as they’ve already decided that you are for them. Podcasts are a really intimate medium, so people feel like they know and trust you before you even start working together. As you gain more followers, you can also generate income through sponsorship or adverts.

4. Gives your business a longer shelf life

With each episode that you create, you are making content that is going to be available for years (depending on your host platform). Compare that with the amount of time you spend doing Facebook Lives, TikTok, Twitter, these are all fairly fleeting and might last you 24 hours or might have gone to the feed in Twitter within 15 minutes.

5. Increase your social media following

Throughout each podcast episode you can push in show promotion. The platform allows us to think strategically to talk about our own products and services. Promoting and talking about your own services, either through general chit chat in your show or by creating formal sponsored ads of your own content, will drive the traffic entering your website and socials.

As entrepreneurs seeking to launch your business, you need to summon the power of podcasting that puts you in front of a new audience. For people to trust you, you need to properly strategise the best ways to put your content out there. This helps captivate your audience with the use of your podcasting platform.

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