047 Successful Client Launch; Case Study with Anna Khanna

Here at Influential Audio: The Podcast Agency, a great podcast is more than excellent quality audio. We provide a premium level consultancy and a full professional production and design service to catapult new shows into the charts. With 20+ years award-winning audio experience, 100% Apple Chart-ranking show success for our clients, we have helped 160+ chart-topping podcasts since 2020! Believe me when I say, we know what works. It blows my mind just how many shows we have helped launch and re-launch, and so, I wanted to ‘show off’ the amazing people and their podcasts, that we have been able to work with over the years!

The Socialista Podcast with Anna Khanna

Listen to The Socialista Podcast with Anna Khanna here

Anna Khanna is the founder of Socialista, inspiring tens of thousands of women in business to show up online and improve their marketing

Back in the Spring of 2021, we were gearing up to launch Anna’s podcast. With a very strong following on Instagram, she was ready to conquer another platform, sharing much more about how to improve social media content for business.

Anna wanted to ensure all her focus was on her own area of expertise, not having to worry about any of the technical side of things. That’s exactly how we have things set up at Influential Audio: The Podcast Agency

At launch, her show reached no.1 in Marketing and the Top 10 in Business, on not only Apple, but Spotify too (which only highlights the top 50 podcasts overall).

Over a year on, Anna has released over 40 episodes, with the show consistently finding itself in the UK and U.S. Marketing Charts!

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