045 Should You Relaunch or Start a New Podcast?

One of the issues that comes up for my clients, when they come on for a podcast audit, is should they relaunch their show on the same feed and give it a bit of a refresh, or should they start a new show? My intention with this blog is not to give you the answer, but to think about the pros and cons, and potentially the real consequences if you don’t get this strategy right. Look at the show you’ve hosted from an outsider’s perspective and then ask yourself these important questions…

Top Questions to Ask Yourself

  1. Is your message clear?

 Look at your artwork. Is it on point? Does the name of your show reflect what it is all about? I believe that in order to deliver great content, we’ve got to have a message and a purpose that sits behind that.

2. Is this message still relevant?

You need to ask yourself if your podcast is still relevant for you? It might be that your business has evolved and the impact that you want to have, has actually altered. Notice your episode titles. What’s the overall performance of your show? Do your titles speak to the kind of person that your show is supposedly trying to reach?

3. What do your show statistics suggest?

If you are able to, go and have a look at your statistics behind the scenes. Check out the overall downloads that you’ve had over the period of time you’ve been hosting that show, and then I want you to go through and notice when these numbers dwindled slightly. Can you see any patterns emerging for when people maybe started to switch off and engage less?

4. Is it a positive listening experience?

Have a listen to your episodes and think about the listeners’ experience. Does your music sound great? Is it well mixed? Does your voice sound vibrant, fun with high energy? Are you really talking to the listener or are you just delivering content almost on autopilot? Be the judge of your own work and ask yourself is is it something you want to listen to!

5. How well did you launch your show?

When you first launched your show did you really warm people up and drive engagement? Did you build a sense of community of your show? If not, it would be wonderful for you to be able to give your show a new lease of life. Sometimes that is appropriate on the same themes, the same RSS feed as your original show. Sometimes it needs to be a different show.

6. How cringe worthy is your original content?

Listening back to your old episodes, does it make your skin crawl a little bit? Do you wish it was no longer associated with you? If that’s the case, it’s okay to shelve that podcast entirely. What I would say though, it’s still really good for your visibility, credibility and discoverability, you don’t want to completely take it down from your host and the platforms until your other show is up and running. It could actually be a good way to bring your older audience over to your new podcast.

Podcasting is a vehicle to drive your message to people that you can help with your knowledge and with your expertise, but not if you’ve switched off from it and if you’re no longer reaching the right people.

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