031 What is the Best Way to Monetise Your Podcast?

If you want your podcast to be a valuable asset for your business, you have to get intentional about opening yourself up to different possibilities for you to monetise your podcast. Here are some of the ways you can consider to start monetising your show. 

What You’ll Learn: 

  • Why you need to make your podcasts an effective top end of your funnel
  • Are you regularly using your show to talk about your products, offers and services?
  • How you can develop affiliate relationships
  • The best way to do sponsored ads if you’re early in the business
  • How merchandise can elevate your brand status without you having a huge outlay
  • Why you need to consider offering premium level content 

For business and entrepreneurship, the best and most important thing is that you are promoting your own products and services. Talk about them and build your own funnel, above and beyond, before looking for sponsorship.

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