028 Improving Your On-the-Go Recordings

While I believe that having a quality microphone when you’re podcasting is important, that doesn’t always mean you have to be in an office or studio environment. Today, I’m going to run through some things that would improve your recordings on the phone as well as in an on-the-go setting, and still make sure that you have great quality.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

– It is never enough to just record straight onto your phone if you’re podcasting for business

– Why you need to have a couple of clip-on microphones in your bag

– Besides your computer, consider a handheld recorder as an on-the-go option

– How having a portable microphone stand can help you 

If you’ve done all the hard work to attract listeners, you want to make sure that they stay and that they come back. Think about audio quality first, because a podcast is a powerful vehicle to bring, attract and retain your audience.


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