025 How To Monetise Your Podcast

So you’ve got your podcast out there into the world, but how do you go about monetising it? Although the podcast value is more about the impact you can make than about money opportunities, once it’s out there you’ll want to bring in revenue from advertising on your show,  and that’s what we talk about it this episode.
What You’ll Learn In This Episode:
How to approach the right companies with monetisation ideas
What is CPA – Cost Per Acquisition monetisation method and affiliate links
What is CPM – Cost Per Mille monetisation method
Why giving your own voice to advertisements works best in podcasts
Sponsorship opportunities and pre-, mid-, and post-roll ads
Podcast networks as a monetisation opportunity

Before thinking about monetising your podcast, you need to make sure your content is great and that you are reaching the right audience and significant download numbers. When you have those things in place, then you can get your message in front of the right people, and your podcast can be powerfully monetised.