020 How To Write a Book Proposal

In this episode, we talk about everything you need to create in order to have a solid proposal for your book, one that will make you stand out as an author in your field and get yourself even more visible.
What You Will Learn in This Episode:
The two main reasons why you would want to write a book proposal
What are the key elements of a good book proposal
Why you should think about market niching strategy for your book
Self-publishing vs. traditional publishing
What the promotion plan for your future book should contain
Competitive analysis of similar titles and finding out how your book will make a difference
How the tables of contents and chapter summaries should look like

Once you have spent time crafting the outline of your book and writing a couple of chapters, your book is going to be so much easier to write. So consider planning out what goes into your book, because it means that when you finally write it, you’ll know exactly who you’re writing it for, and you’ll know how you’re going to sell it.