018 How To Be A Great Podcast Guest

Podcasts are so popular right now, and in order to build your credibility and your authority, you want to get on as many shows as you can as a guest. However, there are ways that you can screw it up by not being prepared and not following a standard protocol. What I want to talk you through today is not how to just be a podcast guest, but how to be a great podcast guest. 
What You’ll Learn In This Episode:
The crucial importance of doing proper research before reaching out to podcast hosts
What the introductory email to the podcast host should look like
What equipment do you need to invest in to be a great podcast guest
Questions to ask your host before starting the interview
Promoting the interview through your social media channels

Remember that the most successful interviews are the ones that feel like a real fly on the wall conversation. So you’ve made sure that all your pings and notifications are off, and then you’re going to relax and have a great conversation, you’re going to share your value, position yourself as an expert, and most importantly, giving that value to the audience.
Links and Resources:
Podcast Checklist, http://www.anaparkernaples.co.uk/podcastchecklist 
Zoom, https://zoom.us/ 
Zencastr, https://zencastr.com/