015 The Value Of Good Branding Photography

Branding and photography make a massive difference to how you are perceived by other people. Social media is a very visual thing, and we as human beings are massively drawn to faces, because that is how we build connection and rapport. And that’s what you want to be putting out on your social media, if you wish your posts to be seen by the masses.
What You’ll Learn In This Episode:
How social media algorithms are biased towards photos of people
Overcoming the fear of being seen
How to choose a photographer and how much it will cost you
What kind of photos will work for your business
How to choose the right props, colors and backgrounds
Repurposing and reusing your photos
How often you should refresh your photo stock 

Having great photography, accompanied by great branding, is such an important part of growing your business and growing your personal brand. So even if you’re right at the start of your business, put as many pennies as you can towards getting some good photography.