012 Why I’m Training as a Breathwork Facilitator

Today’s episode is all about a little adventure I’ve decided to take myself on. I’m talking about my decision to train as a breathwork facilitator. I’ve also decided that 2023 for me is about coming into a period where I want to delve much more into my own personal development and potentially add strings to my bow for my business. 

What You’ll Learn:

  • The transformative power of breath 
  • Chief drivers for your transformational work
  • How to do the best of your ability when you want to learn something
  • Breathwork as a pathway into accelerating your sense of purpose

Since we are spiritual beings in human bodies, we need to make the most of this instrument that we have, which is our breath. So give your best to find the practices that make you feel more connected to a higher power, and I promise it’s going to be an interesting journey.