010 Which Microphone is Best for Podcasting?

In this episode, I’m going to talk about microphones and the things you want to consider before your purchase. I will also share with you some of my recommendations, either ones that I use myself, or ones that are very popular and recommended for people who are only looking to use their microphone for podcasting or spoken word.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

– 4 factors your microphone choice depends on

– How the environment makes a massive difference to how your audio sounds

– How to set up a microphone for recording from your phone, a laptop or a desktop 

– XLR microphones and my favorite companies that produce them

– Knowing how a microphone works can help you get the most out of it

– Should you use headphones, a pop shield or a foam cover?

– Microphone models that are worth checking out

Until you know whether podcasting is for you, starting off with equipment that is good enough is enough. But you need to have something fairly decent, and you might invest later on with expanding the quality and the expense that you put into your podcast. 


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