010 How to Improve Your Facebook Lives

Facebook lives are absolutely essential for building your credibility and establishing your niche and authority within your field. Facebook Lives are currently the way Facebook is skewered so that they are going to get more reach than any other video, or a standard image or text post. So if you’re not using Facebook Live, you are wasting an opportunity and letting it slip through your fingers.
What You Will Learn In This Episode: 
Defining the purpose of your Facebook Live and who you want to engage
Advantages of doing a Facebook Live on your page compared to your personal profile or a group
Including some kind of movement into your Facebook live to capture the attention of viewers
Changing the background to add variety
How to structure the tagline and content of your Facebook Live
Using Facebook live for engagement or for repurposing
How to easily repurpose and share your Facebook Live to multiple platforms 

If you’re not doing Facebook Lives yet, overcome your fear and resistance, and go do it on your Facebook page. Make it interesting, make it appeal to your audience, title it well. Be clear on why people are there, give the value, have a strong call to action, save it, repurpose it and make the most of getting visible.