009 What Your Intuition is Telling You About 2023

I want to kick the year off by reminding you about one of the best ways you can get through your year: by connecting with your best friend – your inner guidance system. Ignoring your intuition is what can take you painfully off course. So my encouragement to you for 2023 is to find out how you can drop into the space of your intuition. 

What You Will Learn:

  • How to know when it’s time to accelerate and when it’s time for deep rest 
  • How to look after yourself so that  you can give to the people around you without depleting yourself
  • Why you’d want to consider letting go of some current influences in your life

Intuition isn’t just a niggly feeling in your gut. It is every single cell in your body acting like an advanced warning system. The more you can find that space to drop in, the better life is going to be.

Our 28 Day Challenge started yesterday and it runs through the whole of January. You can still join as! Sign up at http://www.annapn.co/28days