008 Stepping Out of the Spiritual Closet

Many of you mentioned it was intriguing for you to hear about me coming out of the spiritual closet. I often feel quite uneasy about the language around spirituality, because I grew up in a household where any concept of faith or religion was frowned upon. But the concept of higher power, higher guidance and overall intelligence do make sense for me. So today, I want to run through some of the things that have led me to feeling much more spiritually connected.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Learnings from the hard things you’ve gone through are going to set you on the right path again
  • Why crashes and clashes happen when you let go of the trust that the universe is guiding you, and tap strongly into ambition and drive
  • Why any work where you can become aware of or alter the consciousness beyond the day-to-day living is valuable for you

I know that there can be a real fear about stepping into the spiritual space and letting other people know that it is part of you. If you tap into that intuitive, wise part of you right now, ask yourself what it is trying to tell you – what do you need to do to show up in the world and make the difference you’re here to make?