007 How to Effectively Run a Facebook Group

A Facebook group is an absolute necessity for anyone wanting to stand out from the crowd as a speaker or a coach. It is a free way to build loyalty towards you, get more eyes on what you’re doing, as well as to build a sense of community that is key in raising your level of leadership. Let’s see how a Facebook group can serve your business.
What You Will Learn In This Episode:
The advantages of Facebook groups vs. LinkedIn groups
Using your ideal client avatar to select members for your group
The purpose of a group and focusing on the community building aspect
Optimizing your Facebook group name for search tools
The benefits of a closed group and approving membership through questions
Finding the right place of a Facebook group in your business funnel
What you can automate or outsource and what you need to do yourself in the group
Creating rules for posting in your group that work best for your business

Facebook groups are a really valuable tool for getting your message out there to more people, and building the sense of community and belonging, which is vital as a human behavior. When you create the right group, with the right community and the right connection, you’ve built a strong foundation for your business.