006 The Real Priorities and How to Put Them First

How do you know what your priorities are? If you are building an impact driven business, there are probably times where you are putting business first. But sometimes we have to ask ourselves, is that balance of what’s important to us reflected in our diaries, in our activities, in our thoughts and actions?

What You’ll Learn:

  • How you can bring gratitude and appreciation in the midst of challenging circumstances
  • Why it is important to calibrate your thoughts when stressful things come up 
  • How to relook at your diary
  • How to prepare everyone around you for the fact that you might be less present than you would like to be or than you usually are 
  • How you can carve out some time for yourself when you’ve got challenges coming up that need your attention

What are you not prioritising that needs to be your priority? And how can you future proof yourself and your business by getting some processes and support in place now, before a challenge comes up? Look at your diary, put the priorities that you know in your heart first, and make sure you excel when those times crop up. 

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