004 The Influential Vision

If you’ve been watching my progression through social media, my emails or on this podcast, you will know that I have rebranded my entire business. We now have Influential Audio for the podcasting side, whereas Influential Vision is the higher level of the business. So what is Influential Vision all about and why have I done that?

What You’ll Learn:

  • The vision I had during my awakening moment
  • Why we need to have people ahead of us who are lighting the way for us
  • What you can do when your personal sense of vision, mission and message are getting lost
  • Why I am building the Influential Circle 
  • How participating in honest conversations can be the catalyst for change for you

I believe that you can change any situation, but sometimes you have to sit in the mud for a little while, which is what I’ve experienced and shared with you. Now I can step more fully into the vision of what I’m building.

We have our very first Influential Circle in person event in January 2023. Make sure you are on our events list at http://www.annapn.co/events and let’s develop an environment of change together.