003 When is the Right Time to Start a Podcast?

As an entrepreneur ready to start using podcasting for your business growth, you need to launch your podcast the right way. In this episode, I’ll share the necessary actions to take when you realise it’s the right time for you to start a podcast. I’ll also share tips on what to include in your podcast launch to make it a real success.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

– How to become the entrepreneur who starts and finishes their podcast

– The mistakes I made in my first podcast and how you can avoid them

– How to make sure your audience is actually interested in your content

– The important questions to ask yourself about recording quality audio

– Incredible ways to use search terms to get you to #1 on Google

When you nail down exactly what your content is about and what listeners will gain from your podcast, they will know what to come for. This encourages your audience to recommend you to others, based on what you share in your podcast. Think of your style of delivery and go for it – the time to launch a podcast is right now!


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