000 Welcome to Podcasting For Entrepreneurs

If you are an entrepreneur in search of a larger audience willing to purchase from you, if you feel the need to use your voice to grow your community and still make profit, then this podcast is for you.   I’m Anna Parker-Naples, a podcast launch expert, coach, bestselling author of books  ‘Get Visible: How to Have More Impact, Influence and Income’ & ‘Podcast with Impact: How to Launch Your Podcast Properly’, and host of the podcast ‘Entrepreneurs Get Visible’.  In this podcast, I’ll be sharing insights on how to increase your audience and motivate them to purchase from you. I’ll also invite successful leaders in the podcasting space that can provide you with useful tips on how to catapult your business through podcasting.

What You’ll Learn on Podcasting for Entrepreneurs: 

– The fundamentals of podcasting: the hows and whys of recording a podcast

– How to increase your online presence and receive massive profit in your business

– Insightful tips on how to grow and restrategise your business 

– Brilliant ideas from successful leaders in the podcast space on the technologies behind podcasting

Join me on this inspirational journey as I help you achieve your business dreams through podcasting.


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